Mixing fiction and documentary, and non-professional actors playing themselves,  The Voice of the Fish covers a day in life of an old Italian immigrant: a widower hunted by invisible ghost of his wife.

a film by Ferdinando Dell'Omo

dop Greg Biskup

produced at YORK University MFA program in Film Production (2012)

with the support of The Mariano A. Elia Chair in Italian Canadian Studies at YORK U.

          RISING STAR Award at the 2013 Canada International Film Festival


Anaanaga: My Mother is a short documentary about the powerful bond that sustains a blind mother and her seeing child. Relying on sound to communicate, but also to express emotions that seeing people articulate through visual means, Rose is teaching her child, Ginevra, a song in her native Inuktitut.

a film by Lilia Topouzova

dop William Nelson


Still OCEAN Films Inc.


The Voice of a Fish (2012) 24min

Anaanaga: Mother pre-production
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